Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My very first LD Stacking Experience on June 15/09

I was so nervous about my first stacking experience and have learned so much since then. Here is the breakdown:

Huggies Pure and Natural REG 12.99 SALE 11.99 (-10.50) 1.49
Huggies Wipes REG3.99 (free with purchase) FREE
Satin Care bonus Shave Cream 1.99 (-2.00) FREE
Bandaid 5.49 PM for 2.49 (-2.00) 0.49
Bandaid 5.49 PM for 2.49 (-2.00) 0.49
Bandaid 5.49 PM for 2.49 (-2.00) 0.49
Triscuits SCOP (scanned at 3.89) FREE
Triscuits Sale 2.50
$10 GC for London Drugs

Not bad for my first try. I ended up paying 7.58 including taxes and saved over 40.00 plus I got a $10.00 Gift Card to use on my next purchase.

From my first trip I learned the following:
  • Be organized, have all of your coupons in stacks ready to go before hand
  • Be patient with the cashier, most of the LD Winnipeg ones are awesome
  • SCOP (Scanning Code of Practice) can be your best friend
  • Find other people in Winnipeg who stack like you to trade coupons with and to help you find the best deals available out there at the time.
  • If you cannot use what you have donate it!

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